Thursday, July 26, 2012

Stirling Sheep Auction, Scotland

Pubs of Edinburgh, Scotland

When in Scotland, I worked on a documentary on pubs.  I tried to bring the social aspect of pubs to life, showing that these places aren't meant solely for drunkards.  But for socializing; for feeling comfortable in a friendly environment.  I wanted to show emotion and interaction between diverse groups of people in various pubs around Scotland.

Amy Moar

Meeting Amy Moar was a true blessing in my life.  Though she struggles with a syndrome that causes blindness and scoliosis, she keeps a positive outlook on life.  She is a brilliant harp player and pianist, despite having to rely solely on auditory skills in order to play and compose music.  Moar has chosen not to allow challenges in life to keep her from connecting with her lifes passion: music.  This twenty year old woman is extremely talented and her optimism and love for the world around her is inspiring.  Please check out a few of Amy's compositions:

Isobel Meiras: Harp

Isobel Meiras is the godmother of harp, guiding harpists with impressive teaching skills.  Meiras is a fantastic musical instructor.  She's taken her harp players all over the world to perform for various crowds. She encourages her students to be the best they can be, and she welcomes players of all abilities.