Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Last Chance Corral

Victoria Goss has been interested in helping better the lives of horses since the age of 12.  She opened Last Chance Corral 20 years ago, bringing in horses that have been starved, abused, or mistreated in any way.  

On the Road: Chicago

Downtown Chicago
Grant Park
Tallest Man on Earth
The Bean
White Rabbits

Athens High School Cheer

Athens High School Sports Feature

Interfaith Peace Walk 9/11

The Interfaith Peace Walk at Ohio University was held on 9/11 to connect different religious groups, peacefully, in memory of the 9/11 American tragedy.  The peace walk began at an Episcopalian church and ended at the Islamic Center.

Hot Tub Boy/ Kevin Lenahan portrait

Kevin Lenahan, known by many Ohio University students as "hot tub boy," poses in his hot tub at Strouds Run in Athens, Ohio.  Lenahan had purchased a hot tub and become locally famous for utilizing this new "toy" in his dorm room last year.  Lenahan was even featured on Saturday Night Live for his rare ownership and his goofy personality.  Lenahan makes light of the situation and claims to love the attention and funny reactions.  Unfortunately, owning a hot tub has caused some difficulties for Lenahan, including many attempted thefts.  The weekend before this portrait was taken, several students punctured holes in the hot tub while trying to st

Steve Rybka portrait

Motorcyle, The Ridges in Athens, OH
Steve Rybka

Becky Carman

Becky Carman is a junior at Ohio University who has competed in several triathlons, including the half Ironman this past summer.  Carman swam and ran competitively in high school, but now mostly enjoys biking.  She participated in a program called Bike and Build which took her across the nation on bike.

Scotland Week 5